#2 Vervet Monkeys

I was having a big talk with a couple of friends yesterday about the importance of altruism – the practice of doing good deeds with no expectation of recompense – when someone mentioned the fact that there are altruistic animals. This is a concept I’d never heard of, so naturally I went to the infallible source of information that is wikipedia. So here I pay homage to the Vervet Monkey, an animal that gives an alarm call to warn its friends when predators are coming, only to increase the chance of being attacked themselves. I’m sure we can all learn something from our furry little friends. And look at that face!

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    Well darling, hadn’t thought of the altruistic animals before but if this is a clue today I put some old rice in the garden for the birds and a minute later there were 2 of them eating, they had a bit, flew away to the tree, made some noises and then about 5 of them came to eat together…then again, they went back to the tree, made some noises and then 5-6 more joined and like that till the tree was full of sparrows…. would you call this altruism? Could be right!? Few humans have similar practice and hope we learn from this creatures belonging to a kingdom one step lower than our one 😉
    So here, this is one thing I like…feeding birds and enjoying nature :)

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