#3 Dressing like a schoolboy

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Going to school in New Zealand in the late 80s and 90s my uniform consisted of bottle green jerseys, white shirts and grey trousers. Despite the dubious colour combinations I still kick myself for immediately disposing of them on the last day of my high school career. Although I used to feel the need to rebel against the restrictiveness of my imposed garb, I’ve now come to realise the power and insouciance of harnessing all aspects the schoolboy uniform has to offer.

There are certain rules for getting it right, that if followed, will take you from weak to geek-chic.

1. Keep colours simple – grey on grey, black and white, grey and maroon, navy and grey/white.
2. Trousers must be charcoal, navy or black wool and if you want to go ultimate schoolboy, cut one size too small.
3. Shorts – and this is imperative – must be at least 3 inches above the knee.
4. Shirts can be short sleeved and tucked in, long sleeved (but rolled up) and with the top 3 or so buttons undone, or worn underneath a woolen v neck jersey.
5. Shoes should be plain black or roman sandals and worn with thick grey or beige socks.
6. Hair must be tousled.

Dressing like a schoolboy isn’t solely reserved for the boys and as you can see above, (from Obedient Sons’ Spring 08 collection) when the girls do it well it’ll knock your thick beige socks off.

And boys don’t forget – what girl doesn’t love a guy in uniform…

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  1. says

    What school did you go to?

    I went to the company that provided our school uniforms the other day and bought the bottle green jersey we used to wear. Without the logo obviously lol.

  2. says

    LOVE schoolboy dressing. Its a never fail. As soon as the winter chill ceases somewhat I’m going to be busting out socks with everything.

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