#12 Boston Legal

James Spader, William Shatner, Saffron Burrows, extreme sexual tension, power suits, an angry dwarf and that guy with Asperger’s Syndrome; finally, America has created a well rounded comedy programme.

The educated, well informed and hungry television audience has matured. Long gone are the days when a full thirty minute episode devoted to slapstick comedy was sufficient entertainment. You can’t keep a viewer glued to the screen with a simple relationship comedy. We need more. MORE MORE MORE! Today the masses have seen it all. There are daily sex scandals, bloody genocides and open-air celebrity divorce trials. We have seen so much, we’re utterly desensitised. The only way to entertain is to shock. And that’s why Boston Legal works so well.

It’s no longer enough to simply have a gay character and a few cast members of varying racial backgrounds. Boston Legal is light years ahead of that. Boston Legal features a woman on the run from a Pakistani husband who will kill her for cheating on him; a black transvestite; a middle aged man who longs to have relations with a woman 20 years his senior; an old man who longs to have relations with everyone; a man with Asperger’s Syndrome AND mild Tourettes whose girlfriend leaves him for a clock radio; male sleepovers… the list goes on. Add to all that: killer dialogue, an uber talented ensemble cast, and the ridiculous yet genius court cases they always seem to win no matter how many odds are stacked up against them, and there you have it: Boston Legal is the all-in-one programme for a relentlessly numbed generation.

They had me at Denny Crane.

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