#17 Cross-Pollinization

I wholeheartedly support individuals who have babies with someone from outside their ethnic spectrum. Forget the Toyota Prius, this is nature’s hybrid. I think synergy is a better word for it though. Synergy is the combination of two things to create another thing stronger than the original two forms as separates. Confused? Think paper + ink = book. Each culture has something unique and special to offer. Imagine the possibilities when you take the best from both worlds and combine them!

You’d think in this educated, globalised world we live in that there’d be no more cultural misunderstandings, no more racism, no more prejudice. In an ideal world, maybe, but not this one… Yet. I really and truly think that the fastest way to eliminate these problems that still exist in our world, in our countries and in our communities, is to combine forces! It’s difficult, I know. People from other cultures can be weird. I’m told that the Asian immigrants who come to New Zealand find that New Zealanders smell like dairy products. Those poor people. I can understand not wanting to get close to that. But, with a little tolerance, a little patience and a little effort we’ll all find that most of our misconceptions are just that. Misconceptions.

So I encourage you all to branch out a little. Go chat up that cute foreigner. Mono cultural relationships are the stuff of your parents’ generation. Go live a little. You never know what your babies might achieve.

And remember this: cross-pollinization produces the best looking flowers.

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  1. Anonymous says

    But Natalie Portman’s parents are both Ashkenazi Jews, so they come from the same ethnical group. Scarlett Johannsen would be better for your example, her mother is jewish, her father is a Dane and she turned out fine. Actually, all european Jews have both semitic and european ancestors.

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