#18 Polaroids

One thing I really love is polaroid photos. Much to my disappointment I heard the other day that all production of polaroid film is being discontinued. Sure, the film is very expensive and it doesn’t last forever, but the photos are a novelty and I’ll be so sad to see them become a thing of the past. A polaroid, to me, seems to make any captured moment look amazingly cool; they make clothes look like high fashion, food look delicious and skin look flawless. I think I might spend a small fortune stocking up on some polaroid film and start snapping some sweet photos.

ed’s note: this post was written by Jordan Rondel. I like Jordan. If you’d like to post something you like on isaaclikes.com send me an email to isaac.hm@gmail.com

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    Hmm.. I love Polaroid too… only from Polaroid can we actually have the feeling of ‘capturing the moment’…. I had a camera some 9-10 years ago.. haven’t seen it since then, guess my father threw it away.. prolly because of the whoopingly expensive film…. I do hope they keep producing the film.. as a niche market at least….

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    theres actually a really cool program out called Poladroid that replicates the real polaroid look. it works really well to. search it on google :)

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