#26 Surprise Finds

As I’ve already said, I’m visiting my parents this long weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Friday was ANZAC Day, commemorating the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died at Gallipoli, Turkey, on that day in 1915. There are two films about it, an Australian one called Gallipoli, starring a young and dashing (if you’ve seen it, you’ll like what I did just there) Mel Gibson, and the other, a New Zealand version, named Chunuk Bair, and written by my Dad. He’s a talented man.

My family and I went over to our holiday house in Diamond Harbour, and I decided to do some baking – as I’ve said before, nothing wins people over quicker – and I had to go and get some golden syrup, (treacle), it was Caramel Slice I was making, and I happened upon a tiny second hand store right next to the convenience store. Five minutes and $35 later, I came out with a six piece set of 1940s drinking glasses, with peachy orange and gold foil rings striped around them, AND a 60s umbrella, in mint condition with a gnarled wooden handle. Such fun!

Ok so if you see a guy on a plane tomorrow going from Christchurch to Auckland, carrying a vintage umbrella and wielding a pack of cards like a budding David Blaine, just say hi ok? It’ll save you both a whole lot of trouble. And who knows… you might even get some Caramel Slice out of it.

p.s. speaking of David Blaine, go watch this immediately!

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