#33 Mala Brajkovic

I like Mala Brajkovic. She designs the kind of spicy, trailer rock clothes that I would wear everyday if I was a girl. They’re the type of clothes girls can wear if they want to intimidate other girls, not because they’re so sophisticated, but because they’re so effortlessly thrown-together looking that everyone else will be ashamed of the amount of time they spent preparing their outfit.

Sad news today, Mala announced that she would be taking a two season (one year) hiatus from designing her eponymous collection, but for a very good reason: she’s become a mum! Her baby girl Mickey is now 6 months old, and she’s decided to devote herself fulltime to looking after that baby’s momma’s baby.

“The decision has been a tough one as the label is also very important to me,” Mala explains, “but in business terms, there had been some potentially, very positive international opportunities. However taking them up would have been very demanding. So it came down to a very difficult choice and a bit of bad timing. I had to decide where to devote myself.” As
the young mother puts it, “I’ve decided to take a year off to give Mickey my full attention and to enjoy every minute with her.”

On the plus side, Mala’s said that she’ll be doing bits and pieces throughout the year and will keep everyone posted on anything of interest. I’d like to wish Mala all the best for the year off and I’ll be very excited to see what she comes back with! Maybe a coupla’ boys pieces….?

Check out the latest Mala Brajkovic collection, Pepe’s Revenge, and stockists here.

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