#34 Des Rusk

I first met Des when I was 18 years old. We worked together at Little Brother, one of New Zealand’s top menswear labels, but in quite separate entities; he was the designer and I was a lowly shop assistant. (I remember him telling me I needed to be more animated with the customers…) He’s now moved onto designing his own collection of semi-tailored menswear, and a much publicised collaboration with New Zealand menswear chain Barkers. Along with being one of the tallest people I know, he’s a great guy and always lots of fun at parties. He’s the sharp looking guy in a crisp shirt a head above everyone else, usually yelling YEAH BOY!

1. What do you like right now? Sleep.

2. Tell us about your winter collection – and a bit of a sneak preview about summer. Winter is loosely based on Stormtroopers from Star Wars given that sci-fi is kind of in at the moment. Plus my brother gave me a stormtrooper key ring not so long ago which got me pretty psyched. Na but seriously, winter is a continuation of my semi-tailored style mixed with more street pieces. Slim silhouette with suits, trenchcoats and waistcoats mixed with oversized cardies, jersey jackets and sweats. Summer has more casual pieces with muted colours such as greys and soft blues sitting in among the black and white.

3. Favourite piece from the collection? The Bridge coat – double breasted wool/cashmere trench coat. Toasty.

4. What are the advantages of being so tall? Cleaner air. Plus the view of the Waitaks (mountains in West Auckland) from pretty much anywhere.

5. What’s the best way to walk up to someone you don’t know and just start talking?
Hi and how are you is always a good start – sometimes a cliche can be the
best way. Sometimes.

6. How’s the Barkers collaboration going? All good, summer sold exceptionally well and winter is just about to hit the stores. That will be the second season that I’ve done the capsule range.

7. Any last words to the ladies? “Hi, how are you?”

Check out the winter 08 Des Rusk collection here.

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