#35 NO. Magazine likes Coca Cola

So we know Coca Cola or Coke as it’s more commonly known is almost as old as time itself, but you still just can’t beat it. Whether it be an ice-cold can of the brown soda on a sweltering day at the beach, or a tall glass with a dollop of vanilla ice cream as a treat for that special someone. Coke rulz supreme.

And it’s not just the taste and the tickling bubbles that we like, it’s also the many different varieties of the drink that we really dig! There’s Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Frozen Coke, Diet Coke (for those weight conscious folk), Diet Coke with twist of Lemon, Coke Zero, Caffeine Free Coke and Coke with Raspberry… WOW! You can get Coke in a can, plastic bottle, glass bottle, in a paper cup, a plastic cup or straight from the tap….or do we just wish it so…

With all this said.. We proclaim it to be true.. Coke is NO.1…Excellent!

Ed’s note: This is the first of many NO Magazine posts for Isaac Likes. NO Magazine is the hottest new magazine on the world stage right now. It’s fashion, it’s people, it’s music, it’s films, it’s actors, it’s artists, it’s big effin woop awesome! I LOVE NO MAGAZINE! Check it out at all good news-stands today!

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