#41 Alive Sisters!

My sister Rebeccah is a daredevil. She’ll gladly bungy jump, white water raft, sky dive and kickbox all in one day. I, on the other hand, am afraid of heights, dying in car accidents, and bigger boys walking past me on the street.

Rebeccah’s in the States on holiday at the moment, gallavanting around and seeing the sights, and this past weekend she went to check out the bottomless pit of clay that is the Grand Canyon. The closest I’d get to the edge of the Grand Canyon would be the tour bus. But not my sister. She’s not content with the stuff of mere mortals. Instead of just gazing at the view behind the barrier like everyone else, she decided to clamber down a precarious dirt track to get a “real” view.

As she was making her way to the edge of the cliff, it seems she had an anxious goat moment and experienced a stiffening of the extremities, thus slipping and skidding down the path where, thank the good Lord above, she came to a halt, with her legs hanging over the edge! Her travelling partner, a lovely girl named Ween, said later that she’d really thought that Rebeccah was about to die.

The photo above shows Rebeccah taking a photo from the edge of the cliff. Almost falling to an early death didn’t deter her from getting the shot she wanted. As they say, pride comes before a fall, so I hope next time she goes to scramble down a death-trap path, she’ll get a case of Isaacitis – for those of you who don’t know, it’s the fear of just about everything.

So, needless to say, Isaac Likes his sisters alive and well… though maybe not quite so lippy?

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  1. sheda says

    omg what a near-heart attack! what a crazy nut… i’m sure after this incident your parents are just praying that she’ll come home alive…

    i know i shouldn’t be encouraging her reckless behaviour, but i’m DYING for a visit, so rebeccah, if you’re reading this, you still have to come to germany to drive extra fast on the autobahn 😉

  2. Rebeccah says

    LOVE your work, mon frer!
    Great account.
    The aforementioned Ween would like to add that her first comment, when I resurfaced, dirty but relatively unscathed, was not “are you ok”, but rather, “WERE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK???”
    Ah compassion, my old friend.
    9 sleeps!

  3. Rebeccah says

    PS – how good is that photo?
    I’m also grateful that Ween, in her panic at my near demise, managed to grab her camera and click away at her leisure..

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