#52 Shopping on Melrose

It’s late, I’m tired, so this is gonna be quick. Arrived into LAX and was warmly greeted by my good friend Roman who lives here, and my lovely sister and her friend who are on holiday here at the moment. Went to Roman’s house to drop off my stuff, then got food at a Mexican takeout joint named Hugo’s. It was my first reminder of the day of how cheap everything is here, and how gargantuan the servings are. I got a chicken quesadilla that would have fed a small country.

Then shopping. Went to Melrose Ave. Fred Segal first, checked out the hot John Varvatos shoes, everyone’s wearing boat shoes over here and it’s a good look – preppy and tres insouciant, and! I kid you not, every shop boy was rocking a well tailored moustache! They must’ve been reading Isaac Likes. Upstairs was the Lanvin collection, ultra-luxe, possibly the first time I’ve seen real haute couture for men. They also had Obedient Sons, which was every cool kid’s nautical dream, tried on the cropped double breasted jackets with shiny bronze buttons, if clothes get better than that, someone better show them to me.

Across the road and down the street a bit was the Penguin store, which sells the type of clothes you’d imagine on chilled out collegiate boys in the 50s. Everything had a vintage but clean American feel which is very different from what people are wearing in New Zealand, but a welcome change – nice to see a bit of colour and the kind of thing you’d wanna wear to meet your new girlfriend’s parents. I bought two pairs of swimming trunks, both thigh skimming of course, and they even had those built-in undies – one of them is the red pair up the top. Next door was the Paul Smith store which seemed to be half the size of a rugby field and had everything from the men’s and women’s collections to a tailoring department, shoes, luggage, accessories, books, art and curios, it was a full outfittery – I could have spent the whole day in there. They had an excellent selection of pocket squares (the little silk scarves men put in the breast pocket of their suits), and the shoes were great – cheeky and British and unlike anything I could ever hope to get back home.

Went to an Iranian restaurant for dinner, had great chicken kebab and beef koobideh, fresh and tasty. For dessert we went to an icecream place which serves a massive scoop of ice cream in between two cookies, all for $1.50. Only in America.

LA’s been great, so exciting to be here, off to New York tomorrow!

p.s. Love to everyone back home, missing you already xx

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  1. Anonymous says

    hey! glad you liked LA! i know roman, too, if it’s the same one that’s married to leila :)
    ~mas que ayer, menos que manana

  2. Anonymous says

    oh yeah, and that ice cream in between two cookies place is called diddy reise!
    ~mas que ayer, menos que manana

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