#69 NO Magazine Likes Crazy Names

Not that there’s anything wrong with a good solid ‘Emily’ or ‘Jason’, but it’s hard to match the flair of a name like ‘Audio Science’ or ‘Pilot Inspektor’. Some people say giving your kid a wacky name is a kind of child abuse, but we reckon that’s just the fearful cry of the uncreatively minded. Crazy names are great. For example, when we were putting together the latest issue of NO magazine, we had to get in touch with the legendary (and legendarily self-named) Johnny Rotten. Johnny’s not big on modern technology, so we had to fax all our requests through to his assistant, who’s called – we are not making this up – Rambo Stevens. This means we got to address the faxes to “Dear Rambo and Mr Rotten”. If that wouldn’t make your day, you officially have no sense of fun. One person who clearly does have a sense of fun is the former Mr Chris Gray, a bartender of West Yorks, UK. Last year, he changed his rather drab moniker to the awesome Mouth Who Wants to Know O’Mighty. As he points out, if he’s ever asked his name by the coppers, he can, in good faith, reply “Who Wants to Know”. We just want to know where he works so we can go have a pint with him.

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