#74 Boyfriend Jeans for Boys

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about boy’s jeans. We’ve now had about five years of skinny leg stovepipe jeans, which look great on the right boy, and which I’ve been a longtime proponent of. The style, which was first seen as a punk/mod/rocker-referencing look on the runway at Dior Homme, has done the rounds, and can now be found in the lowliest of chain stores. This means that all the jocks who probably hated them when they first came out will be jumping to buy a pair and declaring their undying love for their skinny jeans… until the next style they hate becomes mainstream enough for them to wear.

Another example of this is the faux hawk/mulhawk which was first worn (once again) by former head of Dior Homme, Hedi Slimane in the mid to late 90s, then after a couple of years of cool kids rocking it, found its way to the soccer pitch on the head of David Beckham, and can now be seen on most average guys, who merely find it inoffensive because they’ve seen it so many times.

But I digress.

While I love skinny leg jeans and think they work fantastically with most outfits, they can hardly be seen as fashion forward anymore. When once they were a style revolution against the baggy leg jeans of the skater style era, they’re now seen on just about everybody with legs. So, the question is, what next? A couple of years ago that whole boyfriend jeans thing for girls came along – it was fleeting, and if you blinked you probably missed it. Like the name suggests, it was girls wearing their boyfriend’s jeans. It had a sexy nonchalant appeal to it, but only worked for super slim girls with boy shaped legs.

It got me thinking. How about boyfriend jeans for boys? So, when I was in New York, I bought a couple of slim leg pairs of jeans two sizes bigger than my actual size. I’ve been wearing them nonstop, usually rolled up over hi top chucks, and it has a really cool 50s Stand By Me look. It’s a much different silhouette to what I’m used to, but it’s working for me so far.

So, people. I urge you all to try something new. Don’t just be sheep following the flock, be the shepherd!

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