#75 Reality Bites

Reality Bites (1994), Ben Stiller’s directorial debut, is the iconic 1990s film epitomising the disenchanted, disillusioned and disenfranchised early 20-something year olds of the decade.

The film focusses on the topical inhabitants of a high-rent, low quality apartment: the college valedictorian unable to find a suitable or worthy job in her field, but more than able to make real and truthful indie documentaries about herself and her roommates’ experiences, the cynical pro-choice feminist sleeping her way to male domination – all the while freaking out about the results of an HIV/AIDS test and managing a Gap store, a preppy, nice-guy gay man faced with the dilemma of coming out to his parents, and the Kurt Cobain-esque, screw the establishment, unemployed and unemployable tortured genius, who speaks condescendingly to one and all while writing ironic and edgy songs on the couch.

Along with all of that, the film has one of the best musical montages of all time. Here it is for you, and even though this version of it is in Italian, (I couldn’t find it in English – go figure), it still retains the original’s beauty and heartbreak.

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