#77 Weston Frizzell… BEHAVE!

I just got home from the new Weston Frizzell exhibition at Parnell Gallery, cheekily entitled The Artworks Formally Known as Prints. Since 1998, New Zealanders Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston have been prolific in creating their personal brand of innovative, humorous, and irreverent collaborative pop art. Their work draws inspiration from hip hop, situationism, graffiti art, Maori art, and pop culture, and by the varying ages of the people waiting to buy prints, (I even saw a few guys my dad’s age), it has the cool factor for the young crowd, and the intelligence and depth to win over the oldies.

My favourite was the Behave print, which is a visual play on the iconic New Zealand Beehive matchbox. They’re available from the Parnell Gallery, but you better get in quick, word is they’re going like wildfire. www.parnellgallery.co.nz

p.s. For those of you outside New Zealand, it might be good to mention that the name of our parliament building here is ‘the Beehive’, so the Behave print is presumably directed at our (sometimes) naughty politicians.

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