#113 Kate Sylvester not to show at NZFW 08

I just received this email from Kate Sylvester’s PR person.

The reason Kate decided to forgo Fashion Week was because “we’re focusing on our export markets just for this year”. Also, I haven’t seen the ANZFW campaign shoot yet, so I have no idea what was shot, and Kate has no idea either! Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful, but let me know if you hear if our stuff is actually in the campaign!

As the winner of the highly coveted Air New Zealand Export Growth award at Fashion Week last year – about $30,000, I wonder how Air New Zealand and the Fashion Week organisers are feeling about Kate Sylvester choosing not to participate this year – to focus on her export markets?? I’m disappointed – shows from great New Zealand designers like Kate Sylvester are what keep the week exciting!

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