#118 Exclusive Air NZ Fashion Week Tidbits – Huffer

I had a little chat with Dan Buckley, one half of the two smooth dudes who make up New Zealand’s top streetwear label Huffer. It went a little something like this, HIT IT!

Yo Dan! What up boyeee?
No much baaaaa de

I was wondering if you could give me a brief outline of a theme for the show, your inspirations, and how you’re feeling about it all?
Feeling good maN ! Theme bro its all about fishing this year – aaron our menswear designerer who you know ? Is the main man and he is all about fishing in this current period in his life he lives for it – all about it. Fishing and fashion, so we decide that heckyes lets run with that – and so we get all fishyfied thinking about fashion and then tane the williams our other main man man he snoops upon this dude called corey arnold, who we get in touch with and he is this dude that Is a photog and he shot the images for this tv show called the ‘deadliest catch’ and his images is so sicK ! and we speak with him, and he gives us permission to use his snaps as inspiration for this range.

And maaaaaybe he might come down to nz from canada where he lives for the show and for nz fashion week which would be cool.

So we selected the images out of a DEEP batch of pics that this guy has taken, and use these images for inspiration like – COLOUR STORY, and we also pull ideas for garment lines out of these images. Its all in the process right now, we are moments away from getting garments back but its feeling prettty siiiiick.

You guys are doing the last show of the week right?
Yeah I think so ! Westpac red collect is on same time ish – little bit before hand we in that also! Will be a busy day!
Big afterparty at the Hilton right? Is that classified or can I run it?
Hellyeah ! – that’s right! You can run it manis.

Na, you’re a manis.
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