#122 Exclusive Air New Zealand Fashion Week Tidbits – WORLD

This just came in from Benny Castles – Menswear Designer at World. They’ve been gone from Fashion Week for four years so it’s very exciting to see them back on the schedule. For the past few years Fashion Week has been inundated with classic New Zealand fashion – dark, sombre, moody, you know the stereotypes. I can’t wait to see what World, a brand notorious for their clashing acid colours will do on the runway. No doubt it’ll be a spectacular festival of excess.

Hi Isaac, WORLD is very excited to be back on the list again at ANZFW after a 4 year hiatus, which has been due to overseas selling commitments and as our dates have changed this year we will be in the country, so we are to once again support the event. A very special element to the show is that we will be flying our Hair and Make up team headed by Brent Lawler back to the country from NYC and Sydney for the event, we have worked with Brent exclusively for over 10 years and he has been responsible for WORLD’s previous couture Hair and Make Up looks, he now lives and works in New York as a freelancer for publications such as Italian Vogue and companies such as Dolce and Gabbana.

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