#124 Exclusive Fashion Week Tidbits – Karen Walker

I’ve just heard from Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 that Karen Walker will be doing an in-season show at the Stephen Marr store in Newmarket on the final day (Friday 19th September) of Fashion Week. The show will be of a similar nature to the six-monthly shows Karen Walker does in conjunction with Stephen Marr and will be attended by VIPs of both companies alongside the Fashion Week delegates. The show will run from 7:30pm making it the second to last show of the week, and the final show – Huffer, will start at 8:30pm. Huffer’s car sponsor is Porsche, so here’s to hoping we can expect some luxury ferrying from Newmarket back to the Viaduct.

So why an in-season show? Murray told me that Karen really wants to support ANZFW but due to her showing at New York Fashion Week the week before, the pressure of doing two new shows back to back was too great. The New York shows are for the Northern Hemisphere Summer 2009 season and the NZ Fashion Week shows are for Southern Hemisphere Winter 2009, and one must assume that the majority of Karen’s business would be in the Northern Hemisphere so I know where I’d be expending the most energy.

So there we have it. Karen Walker inseason show with Stephen Marr, then on to the Huffer show and paaaaaaarty!

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