#126 Jordan Rondel’s Tremendous Ten

1) High tea at the Langham hotel – a great thing to do on a cold, rainy day. Go and indulge on earl grey tea, cakes, tarts and other niceties.

2) To Sir With Love Cashmere – incredibly warm, soft and light. The v-neck sweaters make wardrobe staples and are must-haves for winter.

3) Saunas – leave you relaxed, content and de-stressed. They also make your skin softer than ever and help get rid of winter colds.

4) See through bubble umbrellas – no more wondering where you’re going in the rain.

5) La Mer face cream – although expensive, this moisturizing cream contains specially harvested algae and works miracles on any type of skin.

6) Agnes Curran – my favourite place on a wintery day for a pot of tea and a bowl of soup with crunchy bread.

7) Learn something creative – take pottery classes or learn how to knit.

8) Tom Cruise movie marathons – on a rainy day there’s nothing better than a Top Gun, Risky Business and Cocktails combo.

9) The Tin Tin series – I love these French comic books with their classic drawings and cute stories, I could read them all day long.

10) Diptyque Feu de Bois candles from Tessuti- a beautiful candle that releases the comforting scent of a crackling fire – perfect for winter.

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  1. Anonymous says

    High Tea at the Langham? To Sir with Love cashmere? Diptyque candles? Creme de la Mer????

    Is this a fantasy top 10, or does Miss Rondel have an unlimited disposable income? A high powered corporate job?

    Just wondering, these would be considered serious luxury items for the average person.

    I’d like to hear about some accessible luxuries with a healthy dose of imagination and adventure involved.

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