#95 Chasing Amy

Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl. Girl turns out to be a lesbian, shocking and humiliating boy. Boy runs away. Girl finds boy. Friendship develops, plot thickens. My favourite film from Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob series, Chasing Amy is a story that delves into that subject we all feel most passionate about: human relationships. It’s a cluttered love story, but also a timeless one, and no matter how many times I watch it, the final scene always brings a tear to my eye. There’s something about two people who love each other but can’t be together that is so heart wrenching in its simplicity.
It’s Ben Affleck at his best, Jason Lee at his angriest and Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) at his most insightful. It’s the boy’s version of the chick flick, complete with comic book and Star Wars references, ice hockey fights, lesbians and sentimentality – with a logical reason behind it. Who needs Sex and the City?
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