#97 Improv Everywhere

Imagine walking into a subway train and sitting down next to a bald guy wearing round glasses, a striped shirt and beige pants. Then looking across at the seat opposite you and seeing an identical bald guy in the same round glasses, striped shirt and beige pants. You might not notice anything at first, but after a while, you look around and see that there are 5 more identical sets sitting opposite each other in the carriage. Just as everyone in the train starts looking at each other and thinking the same thing, the train reaches a certain stop and all the identical sets get up and exit. You’ve just been Improv Everywhere’d.

Improv Everywhere is an organisation in New York whose sole aim is to go into ordinary, everyday situations, and make them extraordinary. The pranks they pull are genius, and as long as they make a few people scratch their heads or smile, they’re happy. Why didn’t I think of it first?

Improv Everywhere
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