#134 Eau de Hip Hop Royalty

There’s a distinct difference between New Zealanders and Americans. (Sadly it’s no longer BMI.) If a New Zealander is good at something, he’ll go as far out of his way as possible to not tell anyone about it. We’re a modest bunch, and quick to cut anyone down who we feel might be getting ahead of themselves. Americans however, love nothing more than extolling their own virtues to anyone who’ll listen.
For example: John, a friendly New Zealander, meets Hank, a jovial American. “Gidday mate, I’m John,” says John. “Oh hi John, I’m Hank. I’m a Wall Street lawyer. I work for a big firm on Wall Street. Did I mention I’m a partner?” says Hank. “On Wall Street?” enquires John. “Yeah. Wall Street. But I live on the Upper East Side. Big townhouse. Cost me a bundle,” says Hank. “But enough about me, what do you do John?” “I’m a journalist. I write for a New Zealand newspaper,” says John. “A writer? That’s swell John,” says Hank. “I’m a writer too. I’ve written a few books, nothing serious though.”
P Diddy just announced the name of his new perfume: I Am King. (The ladies’ fragrance I Am Queen will be launched next year.) Subtle? Perhaps not, but the man has built his reputation on absolute self promotion so why not throw a new title into the mix. He claims it’s not about himself though, it’s about the man who wears it. “I Am King is a statement about all men. We are all descendants of royalty – and if we carry ourselves and respect ourselves in that manner and believe in ourselves, then we are all kings… It has nothing to do with myself – I Am King is about every man who is going to go and buy the fragrance.”
Before you dismiss it all as pure self indulgence, ponder this. Sean Combs grew up in the New York projects and went from having nothing to being hip hop’s most successful businessman. He’s a marketing genius worth upwards of $350 million. Queen Elizabeth happened to be born into the right family. She’s worth $420 million. Who’s more deserving of the crown? In a world dominated by pop culture, celebrity is the new royalty. Watch out Liz… P Diddy’s a-comin!
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  1. says

    I don’t know how ‘hood’ Diddy really is. He was a backup dancer and went to Howard Uni… I think he is a bunch of talk, and I will never wear ‘I am Queen’ :)

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