#178 Salasai

As we previously mentioned, due to Salasai’s Jeep sponsorship, (Audi is the official vehicle of fashion week so no other car companies can park onsite), we were treated to another offsite show this morning. The location was a glass-walled room at the top of the Vector Arena car park that – despite the grey clouds outside – was flooded with morning sunlight. The space was filled with the aroma of fresh coffee, but sadly not jam-packed with people; I guess partying two nights in a row was too much for some. Nevertheless, most of the international media and delegates were there and lots of faithful locals were in attendance, (we sat next to Ana McDonald and Catherine Schaer who were both particularly chipper despite the early start).

Speaking of starts, after a good chat with the aforementioned ladies, the show began. The first few outfits had a fun Eskimo-esque appeal, with long knit jumpers, fur additions, hoods, layers and a good helping of greys and blues. The chunky heels worn with thick woolen socks brought to mind a good snow trek.

Did I say snow trek? I meant wintery fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood had ditched the red for blue, and the wolf – reincarnated here as a fox – had already been skinned and was slung nonchalantly around the neck or belted around the waist.

My favourite piece was a bunched-front skirt that zipped allllll the way up. In blue denim or sexy printed silk it’d be sure to provoke a few reactions.

On leaving the venue, the silly machine in the car park swallowed our parking ticket and crisp new five dollar bill. We had to risk our lives AND the wellbeing of Isaac’s Honda by zooming out behind the car in front – narrowly missing being crushed by the barrier arm. If the coffee didn’t wake us up, that sure did!

Jordan Rondel

Photo by Michael Ng

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