#179 Interview with IMG’s Simon Lock

I’ve been seeing Simon Lock, IMG’s Managing Director of Fashion for Asia Pacific around the tents a lot this week. IMG is the world’s largest management companies, counting many of the world’s top fashion week events in its portfolio – including Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. I asked him a few questions about his possible business interest in the event.

Me: Is this your first time at New Zealand Fashion Week?
Simon Lock: The last time I came it was in the town hall, so it was quite a while ago, about five years ago.
Me: What are your thoughts on it (New Zealand Fashion Week) now?
SL: It’s great – it’s really a step forward. It’s a great event for servicing the New Zealand industry. It’s a world class fashion week event.
Me: How does New Zealand Fashion Week compare with your Sydney event?
SL: This (ANZFW) is a different event, it appeals to a New Zealand domestic audience. It’s good to see an Australian designer showing here, and representatives from the States (media).
Me: Do you think IMG would be interested in taking over New Zealand Fashion Week?
SL: IMG’s role is to own and operate good quality Fashion Weeks around the world. We run Fashion Week in New York, Berlin, Miami, Sydney, Moscow (laughs). I’m here in New Zealand to expand business opportunities.
Me: So do you think we might be seeing IMG New Zealand Fashion Week next year?
SL: I’m not going to say that.
Me: Do you think it would be better to combine forces and have both events in Sydney or alternate between Auckland and Sydney?
SL: We’ve dropped our Autumn/Winter Fashion Week in favour of a retail based event (Rosemount Australian Transeasonal Collections). There’s a lot more opportunity for collaboration – we’re looking at greater collaboration between New Zealand and Australia. There are more opportunities for New Zealanders to show in Sydney and Australians to show in Auckland.
Me: So if IMG did come and take over the New Zealand event would Pieter Stewart still be involved?
SL: Of course. It’s her event.

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