#181 Lonely Hearts

They might not have the big name status of a Zambesi, Nom*D or Trelise Cooper, but those Lonely Hearts kiddos can sure pull a crowd. The masses forcing their way through the doors last night was testimony, and I’m sure I heard a few whispers of “Lonely Hearts… They’re so hot right now.”

I was amped with great expectations for the show, and it was another one of Karen Inderbitzen-Waller’s masterpieces. The show opened with gunshots and screams to get us in the mood for a bogan collection – things get messy out west. According to the stereotype, bogans are rough as guts, poorly educated and love to wear cheap clothing, and Lonely Hearts’ collection encapsulated just that. The first few models trudged out wearing rugby head gear and knee pads, a safety measure – bogans like pulling stunts don’t ya know?

Footwear came in the form of muddy boots, leaving a trail of dirt on the runway not unlike that Little Brother show from three years ago, only that time, it was blood. If there’s one thing a bogan loves, it’s biker leather; needless to say it was incorporated into most garments – jackets, shoulder pads and straps on dresses. Leather jackets with cut arms fell off the girls’ shoulders to reveal serpent tatoos – and those same tats found their way onto breasts and bellies. Hot.

The strongest pieces in the collection were the tweedy pilot jackets, nana-knitted cardigans and man blazers but the show highlight was when Derya walked out wearing a pair of knitted knickers (and not much else), the quickest way to get picked up by a bogan with a hot V8. The collection had a very op-shoppy feel to it; everything looked as though it was picked up off the floor of a junk shop.

Although as of late I’ve been more inspired by clean, well tailored, high end fashion (something more along the lines of Alexandra Owen), I really enjoyed the show and its grunge aesthetic. Is anyone else getting a bit sick of seeing plaid though?

We talked to an exhausted Karen Inderbitzen-Waller while waiting to get into the Zambesi show last night. She explained that the Lonely Hearts collection only consisted of girls’ clothing because she wanted the designers to focus on doing one thing really well. She also made it pretty clear that she is over the clean look, which isn’t surprising after seeing this collection!

Jordan Rondel

Photos by Michael Ng

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  1. Anonymous says

    We heard Lonley hearts pulled a massive crowd, but we also heard that the range didnt live up to hype.

    Overall New Zealand Fashion Week was great, and that the kiwi’s rock..well done guys. we need that type of Fashion week here in Australia

  2. says

    They did pull a massive crowd – a lot of the invited guests didn’t get let in. I haven’t yet seen the range up close and personal, but I did talk to Bryan Boy and a couple of others who went and viewed the range in the showroom and they said that they preferred it in real life – as opposed to on the catwalk.

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