#185 Bryan Boy’s Favourites from Fashion Week

He might only be 5 foot 8 and 19 years old, but Bryan Boy managed to cause quite a stir while staying here in New Zealand – he even managed to drag me to Family Bar on Saturday night! Here are his favourite picks from last week:

Favourite show?
World, Nom*D, Jaeha, Alexandra Owen and Zambesi.

Favourite model?
Lea Lazarescu who I thought was a tranny during one of the after-parties. She’s gorgeous!

Favourite offsite show?
Jaeha, of course! It was hysterical looking at all these old housewives drinking champagne inside a bloody church at 9 in the bloody morning!

Favourite bar?
As trashy as it is, I have to say Family! It’s hilarious when the fash pack invaded this teeny little bar and all the gays got freaked out!

Favourite shoe?
Those tranny sex slut hooker shoes at Jaeha. I got the chance to wear them (albeit 2 sizes smaller) at the NO Magazine photo shoot and they’re so easy to walk in. I didn’t trip at all!

Favourite person you’ve met?

Definitely Benny Castles of World. He’s sooo adorable! He is so charming he can sell anything to a blind person.

Best goodie bag score/swag score?

Mints from DHL! They come in handy after days of boozing and chain-smoking!

Any last words?

It’s my first time here in Auckland and I’m very impressed with this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week. It truly is a world-class event and it’s such an honor to be invited to take part in the festivities. I came here knowing very little about Kiwi fashion, designers, people and culture — now I know better. See y’all next year!

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