#189 Olivia O’Driscoll – Misses Prada and Possible Humiliation

Well, she may not have gotten the Prada/Miu Miu exclusive everyone was talking about, but at least she didn’t suffer extreme shame on her first outing on the Milan catwalk – see video clip at 1:46.

O’Driscoll was put on hold by Prada’s superstar casting agent Russell Marsh – a man with a knack for launching some of the world’s top model’s careers, (including Sasha Pivovarova) and a reputed obsession with being the discoverer of up and coming talent.

It was widely known that Russell Marsh had put O’Driscoll on hold for the Prada/Miu Miu exlusive; the Dominion Post wrote an article about it, Patty Huntington blogged about it on Frockwriter, as did I on this blog. O’Driscoll had also done the rounds on the popular forum The Fashion Spot.

During NZ Fashion Week an international model booker told me a story about an American girl who had flown herself to Milan for a possible Prada exclusive, only to be dropped from the show by Marsh while in makeup backstage. The reason? The girl had told friends about the booking on her Myspace page.

Did Olivia O’Driscoll miss out on the Prada booking due to too many people talking about her online, or is hers just another case of the Kiwi preoccupation with trumpeting New Zealanders – particularly models – who have any success overseas? As Chadwick Models’ head booker Joseph Tenni said when I interviewed him last week, “[Olivia O’Driscoll] is New Zealand’s new hype bunny.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Paris… Will the hype be realised?

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    there was also online speculation that myf shepherd was going to do prada – and then she did in fact do it.

    that speculation was of course far more on the down-low than a feature in a mainstream newspaper as occurred with the dominion post. which even speculated how much money she might earn for the gig. lots of girls are optioned for lots of jobs and shows, they don’t always get them. maybe the mother agency talking factored into it, maybe not. i’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities for her however. neither cat mcneil nor abbey lee kershaw (among many others) ever set foot on prada’s runway.

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    This is true, when I was writing it I was thinking about Myf Shepherd – but a national newspaper (even a New Zealand one) is quite a lot of hype for an as yet largely unknown model. I’ve contacted Nova to see about Olivia O’Driscoll’s holds for Paris, no word back yet.

    And as you’ve said, half the world’s new faces seem to get optioned for Prada so maybe it was simply nothing more than she wasn’t right in the moment. As Marsh says, “It’s all about timing.”

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