#192 A Very Salty Lunch

I went out for lunch today with my good friend Graig Douglas. Graig is an Australian part-time filmmaker/full-time Working Style tailor, and he cuts a sweet little made-to-measure suit. He’s arrogant as all hell but I love him for it, and I’ve never known a young man to pull off fat-cat Denny Crane suits like he can – I’m sure all that Australian self confidence helps. We went to a friendly vegetarian place opposite the Parnell Working Style store called Kokako. Graig got the eggs Florentine, I ordered Athena; an omelette with olives, feta and tomato. It arrived, and I reached for the salt.

Big mistake…

Some trickster had loosened the top of the salt container and the whole lot went on my plate! It was just like being in a cartoon.

Seeing what had happened, my waitress swooped in and whisked the plate away quicker than I could say “Pepper…?”

Thank you to all the Kokako staff for their swift service and diplomacy, and I promise, next time I’ll leave the seasoning to the chef.

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