#194 Gubb and Mackie

I was down by Britomart this morning so I decided to visit my old mate Rob Niwa (pictured above – if you look very closely he’s wearing the Nikes from the Nom*D show) at the Gubb and Mackie store on Custom Street. I wrote an article about the store’s fit-out in the latest issue of Urbis Magazine; in particular about how it’s housed in one of the few heritage buildings left in Auckland. Our nouveau developers had a nasty habit of tearing down anything worth keeping in the 70s and 80s.

Speaking of worth keeping…

and as seen in just about every one of men.style.com’s blog posts recently, in these days of recession and money worries, brands like Gubb and Mackie are making an intelligent choice by creating quality designed and manufactured clothes that look great now and will continue to do so for years to come. There’s something about naval/nautical clothing that will always be cool, (just ask the stylists at Gossip Girl, I call it WASP-chic) and as I keep saying, the girlies love a man in uniform. Gubb and Mackie are also New Zealand’s sole stockists of Japanese labels Aika Jeans and Enishi (pants above). Both labels have that handcrafted and timeless aesthetic – the pants remind me of old American worker’s overalls, a look that’s also doing the men.style.com rounds at the moment – and all of Aika’s denim is hand loomed. Nobody does denim like the Japanese.

My favourite piece? The blue shirt above. The perfect accessory to a day on the high seas – but not for me, I get queasy. For now I’ll have to resort to dressing the part. Remember that episode of Friends when Joey pretended to own a Porsche? I’m channeling Joey. Only this time, the Porsche is a Superyacht.

Right this way ladies…

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