#195 So Much Happening, So Little Time…

First things first, announced this morning, Kanye West is bringing his Glow in the Dark tour to New Zealand! He’ll be playing two shows – 1 December in Auckland and 2 December in Wellington. I missed him the first time he came here but I won’t make that mistake twice. Tickets go on sale 13 October so get in there quick, his last concert sold out in something crazy like four minutes flat.


Image: New York Times

Later this evening in Paris, Stefano Pilati (pictured above) will present the first Yves Saint Laurent womenswear collection since the great master died. Can we expect an homage to the late Yves?

And finally, I thought I’d added to my growing teapot collection today when I bought this vintage Red Cross tea-for-one (above) from Flotsam and Jetsam on Richmond Road, only to discover that it’s an old invalid’s mug – and the spout’s there to drink from.

Who knew?

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  1. says

    Kanye West – Love him and Hate him.
    He has amazing style, and is yet to be in anything but innovative but yet classic clothing, but isnt that amazing at singing live.
    Dont get me wrong, I *loved* his latest CD, but when it comes to his proformances, he’s a bit below the barr.
    Still, it would be totally worth going too! May need to book my flight up!

    I’m reallying looking forward to seeing what Stefano produces tonight ….. My bet is deffinantly on the collection being a homage to The Master!

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