#197 Karen Walker Winter – Up Close and Personal

Jordan and I paid a visit to Karen Walker HQ on Friday for a sneak preview of her Southern Hemisphere Winter 09 collection. It’s the winter equivalent to her Northern Hemisphere Spring/Summer 09 collection, The Believers, that she recently showed in New York (and which Jordan blogged about). I was hoping to have a chat with Karen herself about the collection but she’d left for the day by the time I got there – she’s a hard lady to pin down!

I want that electric blue suit! The first time I ever saw an electric blue suit was in Hedi Slimane’s Dior Homme Spring 06 collection (pictured below). I spent months trying to find it online to no avail and have been obsessed with getting one ever since. Just my luck that when one finally turns up it’s for girls.

Image: men.style.com

We were treated to a live model (the lovely Derya from 62) who was very patient with me and didn’t complain once as I picked out outfit after outfit for her to try on. I’m a big fan of girls wearing boy-style clothes so you may notice that everything I chose was leaning toward the more masculine, tailored side of things. Call it dressing vicariously.

On our way out we spied the fantastic tall hats used in the New York shows – they were in one of the bathrooms but we weren’t snooping, the door was open, promise! I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture of Jordan wearing one. Is she the ultimate Marsh-Wiggle or what??

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