#202 Debate adjourned + Heads and shoulders above the rest of them

As much as I’ve been loving the debate going on below, I think that Anonymous’ comment telling someone where they could stick their head (and they weren’t meaning out the window) heralded the death of what was an intelligent discussion on an important topic.

I’ve contacted some interesting people to ask their opinions, I’ll post them when I get them.

Now on to something a bit lighter for your Friday afternoon…

I was just flicking through the Runway Reporter shots from the NZ Music Awards on Wednesday night when I came across this gem.

Pictured above is Janina Percival; Promotions and Publicity Assistant at Universal Music, New Zealand’s answer to Grace Jones AND my old flatmate.

Is she a bad ass (in Vivienne Westwood) or what??

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  1. says

    This is unfortunate.
    It was starting to become quite an interesting discourse on criticality within the New Zealand fashion industry, or lack there of.
    I’m really pleased that not only are you comfortable with this discussion but your willing to catalyze the conversation.
    Kudos Isaac.

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