#203 Disclosure

No, I’m not talking about the film, though it was one of Demi’s best. After re-reading the debate below I thought it would be best to disclose my personal and professional affiliations.

Some of you may have wondered about the following comment on #199 Why so much media coverage of Fashion Week? from Murray Bevan:

“Showroom 22 has decided to assist Isaac with his promotion, as we have with a lot of small fashion-based companies in New Zealand, because we believe he has talent and that blogs like his will help bolster the depth of the fashion industry here in NZ. We feel it’s important to back the little guys as much as we do some of the bigger labels we represent.”

As well as being my flat mate (I live with Murray and his girlfriend Anna), Murray Bevan’s PR company Showroom 22 (which represents Karen Walker among other labels) assists Isaac Likes with media relations here in New Zealand.

I mentioned in a comment on #202 NZ Fashion Journalism Part 2… The Debate Continues that I write full time for a magazine. The magazine is Urbis, an architecture and design publication owned and operated by AGM Publishing.

What I haven’t mentioned anywhere but should disclose here is that I have a professional tie to the New Zealand clothing company Working Style – I write a small amount of promotional material for them. My 27 August post #149 Working Style was, however, written and published before I had any personal commercial tie to them whatsoever.

I also used to do some PR writing for Stolen Girlfriends Club but stopped doing so several months ago. In reply to Natalie Smith’s comment on #202 NZ Fashion Journalism Part 2… The Debate Continues:

“And, possibly irrelevant but I am curious – Isaac why did you not review the Stolen Girlfriends Club show?”

My choice to not review the Stolen Girlfriends Club Fashion Week show had nothing to do with that previous professional tie. I didn’t review several other major shows during the week, (Zambesi being one of them) because I simply didn’t have sufficient time and/or energy. After coming home from the Stolen Girlfriends Club after party I had to choose between writing about Trelise Cooper or SGC. I chose Trelise Cooper.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for you honesty Isaac.
    In regards to the commerical tie to Working Style, how come they do not have an ad running down the side of the page ala KW?
    Is there arrangement something more akin to advertorial?
    Also how come there aren’t links to Showroom 22? A lot of readers wouldn’t have known about the ties to them had it not been for the fact being brought up in the previous discussion, or if they regularly read Showroom 22’s website and saw the news there firsthand.

  2. says

    Hi Anonymous,
    my commercial tie with Working Style is personal and has nothing whatsoever to do with Isaac Likes.

    As for a lack of links to Showroom 22’s site, that’s not something I’d ever considered doing.

    Do you mean to advertise the fact that Showroom 22 assists me with media relations?

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah exactly,
    like for advertising enquiries please contact Murray at Showroom 22 or something like that?
    Not a big deal, but ya know, what if I owned a shoe company and wanted to advertise, and emailed you, would you send me to straight to Showroom.

    As a person who owned a shoe company I would be so frustrated at being given the run around, so frustrated! haha

  4. Anonymous says

    ahhh yep yep, you’ve hit the nail on the head, I didn’t understand the realtionship in it’s entirety.
    So if someone from say a TV Show wanted to interview you, would they go straight to you, or to the Showroom?

  5. Anonymous says

    That makes sense to me.
    I perceive Showroom 22 to have alot of clout in the industry. How much, if any, involvement did Murray Bevan have in getting http://www.isaaclikes.com including in the ‘going up’ section of Sunday Magazine a few weeks back?

  6. says

    Murray sent out a press release to most of the NZ media to say that Isaac Likes was now represented by Showroom 22 and I believe that Sunday Magazine contacted Murray through that.

    As far as I know the person who included me in that section had been reading my blog for a while before Murray sent out the press release though.

    As far as I know, him sending out the press release was his only involvement in it.

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks Isaac,
    that’s an interesting insight into how the world of PR works.
    I read this morning that Alt TV is cutting a lot of it’s presented shows from it’s line up, citing a lack of resources.
    Will this affect Anna Fitzpatrick’s program?

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