#205 First tax cuts, now Alt TV programme cuts

Cheese on Toast posted the following story about Alt TV’s programme cuts this morning:

ALT TV today announced that many of its hosted music shows will be axed immediately and those remaining will be “streamlined” to thirty minute shows. ALT TV cited resource issues as the driving force behind the decision as members of ALT TV staff rang the affected hosts, who are all unpaid volunteers, and advised them of the decision today. One ALT TV staff member actually just did a bulk eMail asking hosts contact them to find out what is happening. Cheese on Toast understands that ALT TV will replace the axed shows with rotating playlist. Cheese on Toast TV will remain on Monday nights at 9.00pm till 9.30pm.

A source told Isaac Likes this morning that Alt has downsized the amount of shows they’re running – from 60 to 30 – in an attempt to cut out the lower quality, less popular programmes. Like Cheese on Toast have already said, Alt was concerned they didn’t have the resources to continue to work on 60 shows, with the majority of those resources presumably going into in-house editing, programme directors and camera operators. So, presumably, with fewer shows to deal with, Alt can now concentrate on a higher-tier level of programming, with higher resources, thus providing a more polished set of shows.

Isaac Likes contacted Alt TV for a comment on the programme cuts today, and got this tight lipped, one line response:

“We are changing from our winter line up to our summer line up.”

No answer was provided to the following questions:

Will you be approaching NZ on Air for funding, and putting more energy into getting advertisers alongside the pre-existing show sponsors? Will Alt TV attempt to get back onto free to air TV rather than just being linked with Sky TV? Which of the shows are doing best and will be kept? How was the decision made to cut shows?

On their website, Alt TV have said the following:

A couple of days of sunshine and ALT’s calling it summer – so why not get a big stick that we’ve found at the beach and take it to the line-up! The logo may even change slightly. New presenters? New shows? All will be revealed [in] a new summer line-up in days. Check back in a couple of days to see the changes – it’s exciting with lashes of genius! – Alt TV

While sympathy must be given to the presenters who have lost their shows, a higher quality of programming and more concentrated use of resources can only be good for Alt TV’s progress.

After all, it must be pretty tough battling with that TVNZ/TV3 duopoly.

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  1. Anonymous says

    peppered with the expected euphemisms.
    They kind of do come from a reasonable position though, a lotttt of those shows on there are pretty pointless. It can be good to trim the fat sometimes.
    Apparently Real Groovy has shut down today! What does that mean for Real Groove magazine, what is going on!!!

  2. says

    I heard about Real Groovy shutting down last week, apparently they can’t keep up with the whole downloads/JB Hifi competition anymore.

    I agree with you about the programme cuts, far better to do 30 programmes professionally than to have 30 good programmes and 30 questionable ones.

  3. Anonymous says

    That’s such a shame though. Real Groovy is such an institution. Who’s going to stock and support young NZ bands now?
    If it weren’t for Real Groovy it would’ve incredibly difficult to get my hands on Octagon, Octagon, Octagon when it first came out, and any other EP released by new NZ music. I suppose you can buy from the internet or something. but it’s not the same.. plus they’ve got the best magazine selection in town.
    So do you know if Real Groove magazine will also go into receivership?

  4. Anonymous says

    what??? Has Real Groovy closed? I saw a strange notice about stock changes on their bebo, but not that they’ve closed. Can anyone confirm?

  5. Diplo says

    I suppose it’s the same as Snifters and Tangy Fruits going out of circulation. For most of us, it’s been years since we bought them and now they’re going we’re all up in arms. Apart from me and you (Annon) i wonder how many others out there crying foul have even bought anything at Real Groovy lately.

    As for Alt TV’s cut-backs, i think it’s a smart move by them, albeit unfortunate for their dedicated team of mostly unpaid presenters. However to stay in business they have to make these decisions at some point.

  6. says

    As far as I’ve heard, Real Groovy has gone into receivership.

    I made some enquiries about Real Groove, and it was sold off to a private company several months ago. Looks like it will still be going.

  7. Anonymous says

    So that means all Real Groovy stores right? Not just the Auckland store?
    Whenever friends of mine come to visit Auckland they always spend an hour or two just looking through Real Groovy. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon really, going through the CD’s and vinyl, their magazine collection is amazing as well (which reminds me, Magnetix on Ponsonby Rd has changed hands recently)
    It’s a real bummer for young bands I think, it must be a pretty cool feeling going into a store and seeing your own EP or whatever for sale.
    That’s good that Real Groove will still be going. I’d be interested to hear what Duncan Grieve had to say about the whole thing.

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