#210 New Zealand’s Next Top Model – the facts so far

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There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about the possibility of TV3 doing a New Zealand version of the hugely successful Next Top Model series. An Australian version began in 2005, and will commence its fifth cycle in early 2009. (The winner of Australia’s Next Top Model‘s third cycle, Alice Burdeu, was named one of models.com‘s Top Ten Newcomers of Fall/Winter 2008.)

Most of what has been said concerning the New Zealand version has been pure speculation, (such as the suggestion that Sara Tetro will be hosting the show) so I gave TV3 a call to find out everything I could.

I decided to try Jacqueline Loates, TV3’s Group Publicity Manager (and the TV3 representative who gave confirmation that TV3 is in talks about the project in the Herald on Sunday article three days ago). The results confirmed that TV3 is considering doing the show, but little else:

I was wondering if I could ask a few quick questions about New Zealand’s Next Top Model?
“Ah sure but it’s not confirmed.”

I understand that, I was wondering how close are you to making a decision about whether it’s going to be confirmed or not?
“I really don’t know, it’s at the discretion of our director of programming so it’s whenever she decides. She hasn’t given us any indication of what the time frame is on a decision at this point.”

But if it was running it would be a 2009 thing?
“Um, I would assume so but again I don’t know what she’s thinking in terms of if we decide to do it or when it will be, but I assume it would be 2009.”

Have you only been talking to 62 Models about it? Or would there be the possibility of talking to other agencies about it?
“I really don’t know. I can’t answer that question at the moment, I just don’t know. Basically, the media keep calling up about it, but it’s something that we’re only thinking about, so there has been absolutely no confirmation that it’s going to happen. So it’s all supposition at this point.”

As far as this blogger can see, the ball is rolling, but with no confirmations on any of the important stuff – such as a host for the show – they’re unwilling to give anything away.

I contacted Sara Tetro requesting a comment about the possibility of her hosting the show, but she chose not to discuss it at this stage.

I would speculate that the reason Sara Tetro’s name has come into the equation is that 62 Models will be the modelling agency that the show’s winner will eventually be awarded a contract with. (Coincidentally – or not – Chantal Jones, a previous contestant on America’s Next Top Model was represented by 62 Models when she came to New Zealand earlier in the year.) My discussions today with some of New Zealand’s other top agencies, (including Clyne and Red Eleven – interviews with them and others will be published tomorrow) would suggest that – since they have not been contacted about the show – they will not be involved in it.

More on this tomorrow.

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