#214 Tea Time by Jordan Rondel

Photo: Roses and Teacups

I love vintage teacups. I never have been someone to collect but these make an exception. Since buying my first couple from a cheap antique store, I’ve been hooked on finding and purchasing these dainty little cups.

Photo: Royal Doulton

When collecting this sort of thing, it is important to have lots of colour, patterns and clashing floral designs, and for each cup to have its own character and charm. The well-known brands such as Royal Doulton and Royal Albert make the best teacups. But nameless beauties are everywhere.

Photo: Shop Til You Drop

Ponsonby Road’s Agnes Curran is one of my favourite places to go for a cup of tea; they use the prettiest vintage tea cups, each different and usually mismatched with their appropriate saucers. My fetish with vintage teacups comes down to feeling excitement about seeing which teacup I’ll get and resorting to swapping it with the cup of the person I’m with if theirs is cooler. Somehow tea just tastes so much better when sipped from a pretty teacup.

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