#223 Stephie Key: New Zealand’s first political It Girl?

NZ Herald

Despite worldwide media focus being on Michelle Obama’s choice of dress at the Grant Park celebration for President Barack Obama, the United States isn’t the only country with distinctive first family style.

Unlikely as it might seem, New Zealand may have its first ever political trendsetter. And no, I’m not talking about John Key. Dressed in hot pink brogues, knee-high socks, a blue dress with black buttons (perhaps her own design?), topped with a black and white piped jacket and an ash blonde, heavy fringed hairdo, newly elected Prime Minister John Key’s daughter Stephie (pictured above) looks to have paid plenty of attention to her eclectic party outfit. And the style? Let’s call it colourful emo.

NZ Herald on Sunday

According to the Herald on Sunday, which ran a Stephie Key cover story on 26 October, the 15 year old St Cuthberts High School student is quite the budding fashionista. Key-the-younger works in a hair dressing salon part time, and was recently a finalist in the Newmarket’s Young Designer Fashion Award competition. (She was awarded Highly Commended.)

New Zealand has had nine years with the childless (but exceptional) Prime Minister Helen Clark. In that time the world has seen the internet explode, teen culture reach heights previously unknown, and countless youth-driven style fads come and go. As the new Prime Minister’s daughter, Stephie Key can expect to receive plenty of media attention – no doubt the New Zealand public will be fascinated by this hip young thing – particularly as she grows up (she’ll be 18 by the time this political term ends).

Will Stephie Key become New Zealand’s first political It girl? Will hordes of teenage girls swarm the stores to replicate her style? And will her love of fashion (and designer ambitions) impact positively on her father’s treatment of the New Zealand fashion industry?

Only time will tell, but something tells me this girl could be Key.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I went to St Cuth’s. She was quite the emo. You should have seen mufti days at school, her and her emo friends would wear the ultimate emo clothes and carry those umbrellas. Supposedly they were told by the teachers they were scaring the little kids. Who knows if they were actually told that (or in fact scaring any little kids), but that’s what we heard.
    Good on her for being a bit different. It will be nice to see the daughter of the Prime Minister dressed in something a tad more interesting than a twin set.

  2. Anonymous says

    I don’t personally know Stephie, but I have talked to her before on Bebo (she’s Bebo famous! -gasp-).

    I heard that the school had to make rules about mufti days so she and her friends couldn’t dress too insane-ly..? Which I think is ridiculous, it’s a mufti day, it shouldn’t have rules about what you can wear -.-

    I think her style is amazing and it’s brilliant that she’s so creative.


  3. Anonymous says

    I saw the news tonight (Wed 19 Nov) and John Key’s daughter Stephie was on there wearing god knows what. I don’t know what her style is but at least its a “breath of fresh air” and she’s not one of many teen girls these days who strive to be like someone else and not “themselves” I must admit though when she’ll look back on pics of what she wore in 20 years times she’ll probably say “What was I thinking!” Good on her though, at least she;s got the b**** to wear whatever she wants! You get my vote!

  4. says

    It’s quite interesting. I live in Hamilton, but study design down in Wanganui, which is known to be quite an arty town. One of my tutors has that exact same cut (shes somewhat eccentric) and I have two friends who live there and are into the same style of fashion as her and do the whole fashion design thing. She’s a true Wanganuian. Haha. But who cares what she dresses like anyway. I didn’t vote for Key based on how cool his daughter looked. He’s good looking enough to grab my attention! (haha – I had to say that last line!)

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