#233 The Cobrasnake raises the roof for NO. Magazine’s one year anniversary party

The Cobrasnake

NO. Magazine
‘s one year anniversary party exploded onto St Benedicts St last night and it was poppin like… Whatcha know bout me whatcha watcha know bout me… Whatcha know bout me whatcha whatcha know… I said NO.’s party was poppin, NO.’s party was cool, the boys and girls were hoppin, they jumped up on the pool (table).

The Cobrasnake

As I previously mentioned, Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter and the larger than life Tallulah Morton graced Auckland with their presence for the party, and rumour has it the two will shoot an exclusive editorial for NO. Magazine tomorrow. As far as I know, Hunter has shot many (if not all) NO. Magazine’s covers so far, including their just dropped fourth issue cover featuring Peaches Geldof.

The Cobrasnake

Maybe it was the international visitors, maybe it was the venue (literally opposite my house), maybe it was the music, maybe it was the crowd, maybe it was the party poppers?? Whatever the catalyst may have been, last night’s party was easily the most fun I’ve been to in months.

The Cobrasnake

Watch out for my interview with Mark Hunter and Tallulah Morton on The Seen on Tuesday night, 8pm on Alt TV.

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