#241 Kanye West’s press conference – “I wouldn’t suggest driving with the glasses.”

Kanye West at the Auckland press conference

I had a rare brush with fame yesterday attending Kanye West’s press conference, held at the Westin Hotel. From what I heard over the forty minute question and answer period, Kanye West is an exceptionally intelligent and well thought out man with a lot to say for himself.

And he made me laugh. A lot.

After the Kanye West concert last night in Auckland

On being quoted saying “Hip Hop is over”:
I didn’t say that, that’s a complete paraphrase. What does that mean? That statement, hip hop is over for me now… That quote is, like, so wrong, I never said that… It disturbs me that they paraphrase me and say ‘Kanye said that hip hop is over’, I would never say anything like that.

On whether he’s ever tried parallel parking while wearing his signature glasses:
I wouldn’t suggest driving with the glasses.

On his knowledge of New Zealand hip hop:
I’m like completely just an ignorant like big artist and stuff and I admit to that. You know how artists all cool like they down and stuff, I’m just so not down!

On designing his new label Pastelle Clothing:
The hardest part with the design is for me, I’ve always worn the best clothes of the best designers. So it’s like, I wear, you know, 40% of what Hedi Slimane designed and 30% of what Stefano Pilati designed and 10% of Tom Ford glasses, Tom Ford does a range of 100 glasses, and I pick like three of ’em. And these are masters of design who’ve designed like 20, 30 years of their life right. So then I’m supposed to do a clothing line and I’m supposed to just find designers and design on my own, stuff that represents clothing as good as what I wear and that’s like, it’s super hard. So every now and then I come up with a piece that’s actually good enough for me to wear, because I think people feel like I have a responsibility to them to do good clothing, like if I put my name on it, they wanna say ‘Hey Kanye when I go to the club I want girls to like me’. So I can’t just do shit like take a polo and put my name on it and be like, ‘here’ and just mass it out. It has to be really good, and that’s been the struggle for me because I’ve just seen people make so much money off’ve clothing, and I really care about it being really good, and it’s like a frustrating process.

On why he wouldn’t want to be the next James Bond:
“It’s like that approach, with the tuxes and the bow ties and shit like that, I really had to come to the conclusion like, yo, I kinda like Jordans, and I kinda like Bentleys.”


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  1. Emma says

    Kanye is fab. The concert was the best ever! Loved that it was pared back too. Just wish our boy had more costume changes haha.

  2. murray says

    I think Kanye is one of the greatest musicians of our time. His interview in Auckland was candid and intelligent, which is, in my opinion, something a lot of his peers could learn from.

    He’s obviously thought about why he does what he does, and knows what he wants. You have to admire that in anyone.

    His recent comment – “I want to be Elvis” – has given a lot of people a new reason to hate him, but if you listen to the quote in context, it all makes sense.

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