#248 Runway Reporter update – ACP CEO denies shut down

ACP CEO Paul Dykzeul has refuted claims made yesterday by an ACP insider on Isaac Likes of website shut downs according to this stuff.co.nz article, calling them “defamatory and incorrect”. From his brief statement it is unclear which claims he is refuting, however he has said that ACP will release a statement tomorrow. I have made several attempts to contact ACP for a statement, with no reply – as have three other media outlets: stuff.co.nz, frockwriter and Computerworld.

And, according to Computerworld, ACP has refused to comment on claims that their websites (including Runway Reporter) will be shutting down, with group publisher Debra Millar stating “It’s premature to be making any announcements”. Computerworld has also stated that they have spoken with two separate sources who have said that “redundancies are occurring and websites are to be closed”.

In the interests of full disclosure, my source is a current ACP Media employee I have known for some time. My source approached me yesterday with the news but requested to remain nameless. I have no reason whatsoever to suspect the validity of their statement.

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