#260 Merry Christmas from sunny (but freezing) gay Paris!

Knock Knock
(Who’s there?)
Interrupting Santa Clause
(Interrupting San-)

Merrry Christmas everyone! It’s been an eventful (and sometimes turbulent) year, but we’ve made it through and it’s all plain sailing from here. From humble beginnings in April raving about altruistic animals and flat tops, (with the support of a few key people) Isaac Likes has grown into what it is today.

I hope I’ve managed to capture your interest with some interesting interviews, a few juicy breaking news stories, and a couple of little film reviews thrown in along the way. Isaac Likes has certainly captured my interest – for better or worse it now takes up a large chunk of my everyday life. And when I say large I mean it like Jared’s pants BEFORE he got on the Subway diet.

So thank you to all my loyal readers, my one-time readers, my commenters, tippers, critics, advisers and cautioners. Keep reading, keep commenting, keep tipping, critiquing, advising and cautioning. I’m going to keep writing. 

You can’t really see from the photograph above but I’m in Paris right now staying with my beautiful girlfriend Jordan (who has put a lot of work into Isaac Likes too), her sister Anouk and her wonderful grandparents Pierre and Jacqueline. It’s my first winterous Christmas and I’m dreaming of a white one – we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I’m in Europe for the next 6 weeks so I’ll be blogging remotely, if there’s anything going on in New Zealand or anywhere else that I should know about don’t hesitate to email me at scoops@isaaclikes.com. Once again Merry Christmas,  Happy Khanukkah, Happy New Year and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


P.S. Special thanks go to my fellow bloggers Frockwriter and Bryanboy (bloggers of the world unite!); my parents Grant and Jenny and sister Rebeccah; Sheida and Nic Hancock, John Randerson, Murray and Anna, Ross and Dee, Karen and Mikhail, Brent and Pat and of course Jordan.

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