#266 Thé de la Menthe et Coca Light with Mr Elbaz

Mr Vincent Elbaz, that is. After waiting in a freezing metro station for 15 minutes, Vincent Elbaz (a distant cousin of Alber’s or so I’m told) appeared, and charmed us with his Frenglish for the next three hours. He was expecting a rowdy night out but the waiting around and the “small walk” (his words, it turned out to be 20 minutes in negative temperatures) proved too much for us Nouvelle Zelanders. We ended up in a small cafe and drank tea and coke and ate luke warm fries before heading home for an early night’s sleep. The above video features a few shots of my companions, a few shots of my Christmas presents (bow tie and sweater), and a few snippets from our conversation, including Vincent’s story of how he was fired earlier that day – on his first day’s work no less!

I told him to give his cousin a call. The least he could expect would be an oversized bow tie, surely?

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