#268 A Streetstyle moment in Paris

After a classic French lunch of salad and fries we stopped in this courtyard so Jordan could take a quick shot of our friends Robbie, Lulu and Kate. Jordan is a contributor to street style website Turned Out, and has been finding Paris a mecca for subjects. A brief note on the friends; Robbie and Kate are both Kiwi expats and have been in Paris for several months each, and Lulu is a Brit in Paris doing an internship with shoe designer-to-the-stars Christian Louboutin. Just this week she’s encountered a certain petitely footed burlesque star, an actress from Volver and the wife of a tantra loving ex-cop singer.

As you may have noticed, film has been my medium of choice of late, so I took a moment to capture the proceedings as they happened. Oh, and you might recognise some signature poses coming from Lulu about halfway through.

Bryan Boy…. IS DAT CHU???

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  1. says

    ooh thats so funny you have two Louboutin intern-friends living cross-continential reflections of each others lifes.. ahh. probably not, but its nice to think about

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