#270 Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya!

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late, I’ve been in the heartland of Ireland – an hour and a half south east of Dublin to be exact – trying my hand at the oldest of all professions. Farming. Well not really, but up until yesterday I was staying on a 75 acre piece of idyllic farmland complete with horses, donkeys, a swift-flowing river and even a thatch-roofed stone cottage.

After three weeks in Paris it was a relief to get out of the city. A wise man once said “the city is the home of the body, but the country is the home of the heart.” I have to agree but after five days in the middle of nowhere I was itching to get back to the bright lights.

Next stop, old London town!

Click for photos of my rural escapades.

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  1. perrier says

    what an idyllic place , nice to get away from the madness of the world for a while and get grounded with real people with no issues or hang ups …..must make the modelling world look really insane ( or more sane ? )for a while

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