#275 Kanye West dons some Louis Vuitton of his own making

Whoever said the power of positive thinking doesn’t work needs merely look at Kanye West for proof it’s as good as gospel. “The Louis Vuitton Don” himself sat courtside with an entourage of four friends at LV’s Autumn/Winter 09/10 menswear show as the first of his sneaker collaboration with the luxury house was unveiled on the catwalk. The sneakers, which were shown in red, cream and black, are the first in a larger collection designed by the rapper and were hand selected for the show today by Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Marc Jacobs and Men’s Studio Director Paul Helbers. West (pictured above) wore the red version of the sneaker, which features a leather upper with what looks to be suede detailing, and a popped back flap.

Kanye West modelling his own sneakers for Louis Vuitton in red

During the course of the show the Louis Vuitton Sneaker Don took countless shots on a personal digital camera (presumably for his blog), but nothing seemed to excite him so much as when his own shoes came on the catwalk. Can you blame him? If you’re wondering how I know, I must admit that he took up just as much of my attention as the show itself – I’m a Kanye fan for life.

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton sneakers in black

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton sneakers in cream

In a statement sent out by Louis Vuitton Kanye West says, “To me, Louis Vuitton is the most important brand in fashion. It’s (sic) name means luxury and quality. It’s (sic) logo is a symbol of aspiration and influence. I am proud to have collaborated with LV on these shoes, buy I am even more proud of the finished product.”

Although I didn’t get the chance to ask him about the shoes, I overheard a brief TV interview with him in which he stated that working in the LV atelier was an exciting experience for him. And anyway, I had more important questions to ask him, like whether or not he enjoyed his New Zealand tour.

Check it below:

Kanye West with Marc Jacobs backstage at LV:

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