#281 An Italian in Paris at Rick Owens

I’ve often heard rumours of runway photographer’s naughty antics during shows, heckling models in the most inappropriate of fashions (see what I did there?), I guess it’s a pack-mentality thing – pack that many testosterone fueled men in one tiny area and they’ll do more than just stink out the place. Just yesterday at the Henrik Vibskov show they screamed at one poor boy who didn’t walk down the centre of the catwalk (they obviously don’t understand the intricacies of a model’s job), but I’d be surprised if anyone in the audience at Rick Owens today had witnessed anything like what they got. Show goers were treated to a spectacle of a different kind during the extra-extra long wait before the presentation began. Several of the photographers and cameramen had gotten bored of waiting and started chanting, “Hurry up! Hurry Up!” and “Let’s go Owens Let’s Go!” when an Italian up the back began opera singing in a marvelous voice that boomed throughout the room at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Luckily I was on hand to capture the final notes of his performance before the audience went wild with applause. No word on what Owens thought of the singing, but there was a bit of opera present in the soundtrack – what is it they say about art following life…?

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