#283 Shots from outside Dior Homme plus mini show review

If writing doesn’t work out, I reckon I could make a go of paparazzi photography. While waiting outside Dior Homme yesterday (they refused me entry on the basis that New Zealand isn’t a growth area – I wonder what John Key would have to say about that?), the first Hummer SUV I’ve seen since being in Paris pulled up. Out jumped Karl Lagerfeld. Out sprang my camera…

A moment later the Kanyemobile rolled up.

And, finally, the reasons for my standing outside.

I’d love to be snide and sour grapesy about not seeing the show, but after looking through the photos on men.style.com I’ll stick to being gutted. Despite what I thought was a largely lacklustre Kris Van Assche show on Friday afternoon, his Dior Homme collection was easily the greatest he’s done thus far with the brand, and I’d go so far as to say (though probably not in the presence of most Dior lovers), that it neared Slimane-era heights of cool.

Van Assche’s strength is always in the shoes, and the highly polished black lace-up or strapped desert boots in the show shone when paired with his signature voluminous (though not so much as usual) Hammer-pants.

The collection’s one moment of confusion came for me when the Katherine Hamnett-esque slogan tees came out, proclaiming RAISE YOUR VOICE LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER. They first appeared on a black model, so perhaps Van Assche was making a belated statement about Barack Obama, one that would have presumably been better and more powerfully made before the election? Beats me, but after talking to other attendees post-show it seems I wasn’t the only one scratching my head.

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  1. Anonymous says

    please somebody can tell me who is the tall brown man with karl?!!!we can see him on the first and second foto.
    If you know answer please!!!!

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