#330 Breakfast at Deluxe with Brother Josh (in Wellington)

They say Wellington is a pilot’s least favourite city to fly into – apparently it has the shortest runway in the world and one of the highest wind rates. Nevertheless, my flight last night was uneventful besides the three hot apple and cinnamon pies AND ice cream they served me on board. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so hungry when I got to the airport until I remembered that the last time I’d eaten anything was about eight hours earlier at Mexicalifresh. So when the flight attendant offered everyone seconds on the pies I told her to keep them coming.

On that same food note, I got up this morning and went with my brother (strictly hip hop speaking) Josh for breakfast at a little cafe right next to the massive Embassy theatre called Deluxe. It’s the most quintessentially Wellington place I’ve ever seen – you could almost taste the hippy in the food!

Click for pics:

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  1. Wellington's got SOUL says

    Deluxe is a fantastically creative cafe, with delicious food and gorgeous surroundings. Wellington also is a beautiful and well-presented city – one that maintains it’s individuality and flair without attempting to become a second rate version of some of the World’s greatest cities (an unfortunate habit of Auckland, whose arrogant inhabitants try to look down their nose at the CAPITAL in order to make themselves feel better about being so ugly and, quite simply, unspectacular). Perhaps all the zinc oxide from the tasteless ‘coats of paint’ that Aucklanders have been sniffing has made them go mental.. Take this months metro for instance. What a laugh.

  2. Anonymous says

    hahaha. It’s funny as how Wellingtonian’s are so defensive and protective. I’ve lived in both cities equal amounts of time. They both suck. New Zealand is not that great a country.. apart from some good designers and bands. It doesn’t have very much else going for it.

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