#375 Angels and Demons: To boycott or not to boycott… that’s the Catholic question


Italian newspapers are full of rumours that the Vatican is getting ready to officially boycott (i.e. Catholic Fatwa) Angels and Demons, the Da Vinci Code‘s novel prequel but film sequel, coming out worldwide in May this year. Why? Because it’s blasphemous, delves into issues of Catholic corruption and venomous secret societies and entertains millions upon millions of people.

But seems like they’re a bit nervous about doing so, and with good reason.


According to this Hollywood Reporter article, which quotes a Turin newspaper, which quotes Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, a public boycott of the film could lead to greater publicity for the film, not unlike what happened when the Vatican boycotted Da Vinci Code. Despite the 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide who might or might not have seen the film as a result of the boycott, the film still managed to gross a humble $760 million USD worldwide. (That’s over $1.32 billion NZD.)

So what is the Catholic church to do? Do nothing and risk Catholics worldwide watching the film, or do something and risk Catholics worldwide watching the film. Quite the conundrum!

If there are any Catholic readers out there (or non-Catholics with an opinion, we’re not religionists around here), I’d love to hear your opinion. Did you watch Da Vinci Code? Did you find it offensive? Will you watch Angels and Demons if there is no Catholic boycott? Will you watch it even if there is a Catholic boycott?

Your thoughts please!

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  1. youngtim says

    Catholics get too worked up. It’s a film, and a novel. Not a historical account. At the start of the DaVinci Code the Author clearly explains that the book is a novel and not an attempt at uncovering historical facts.
    Catholics need to get over themselves and realize the point of these books were to entertain, and make a butt load of money.

  2. Anonymous says

    i’ll boycott it just because it’s likely to be terrrrrrrible and dan brown is one of the worst writers to grace god’s green earth.

    the real conundrum is re: boycotting someone who just wants publicity; god knows i’ve pulled this trick often enough.

    for instance: murder burger. I managed to convince my friend protesting them was a bad idea, as to be honest, i’d organise a protest just for the publicity if i was doing the ads for christ sake.

    my solution: i plan to open PAEDOPHILE BURGERS next door, paying tribute to a similarly dastardly offense!

    which brings me back to catholicism and religion and films. i offer no opinion.


  3. Anonymous says

    i agree with colin. Dan Brown is quite shit although i did read the da vinci code in one sitting but i wouldn’t admit to that especially not to colin even though he just read all the twilight books one after another and has read the last one on the writers website and watched twilight four times. The catholic church can go fuck themselves. That’s quite punk rock isn’t it. Emily

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